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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Photoshop Tutorials,retouching photos,photo manipulation

You don't need a $3000 camera or a $1500 lens to take professional quality photos.
You can take your photos to an whole new level if you can master the art of what we call photomanipulation, compositing and retouching.

Transform an old man into an alien with Photo manipulation.

Photo Manipulation

What you can do with photo manipulation is only limited by your imagination. No need for any 3D software to create what you have in mind, all you need is Photoshop.
If you are a professional photographer, you absolutely need to learn the art of photomanipulation as this simple skill will allow you to offer
much more than simple photos to your clients.

Using Retouching Techniques To Create Fantasy Portrait.

Photo Re-touching

Turn A Photo With Strong Shadows & Highlights Into Something That Looks Like A HDR Photo.

Photoshop Tutorials

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